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Terms and Conditions for The YOUR WORDS HEAL Project

- All submissions are considered carefully. You are welcome to enter as many submissions as you like.

- To enter you must be following @wordstohealyou on Instagram.

- The winning contestant does not have rights to any profits from the hoodies printed. Profit will be donated to a charity of the winner's choice. 

- The winner will receive 2 free hoodies.

- The charity that the profit is donated to will be selected by the winner and agreed to by Brooklyn Opetaia, of Words To Heal You. The payment will be submitted through

Words To Heal You LTD.

- No contestant owns the rights to their individual entry and due to the potential popularity / overlapping nature of some submissions, there is potential for Words To Heal You to make or print a hoodie with a similar sentence from your entry. Should this situation arise, you have no claim to your entry being copied or stolen by another applicant or Words To Heal You. 

- This competition ends on March 17, 2023.

Any questions? Email

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