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a glimpse into my heart, 

words to heal you.

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I wrote this for the overthinkers out there.

In some seasons I find myself up in the night unable to sleep just due to the density of my brain capacity... Some days my brain is racing 100 miles and hour and it seems as if there is no cure. I did genuinely think that overthinking was a positive strategy to protect myself from things that might happen to me. Because perhaps if I've mentally prepared for the worst, then what ever might happen, won't be as bad... Though I've learnt now that I can't live out of a space of preparing for the worst at all times... It's toxic and unhealthy... So for those who think like me, this is what has helped my chaotic mind on days that it just gets the better of me. 


The Most Important Thing

Often I find myself in deep pits' of "what is the meaning of life", I'm sure no matter who you are or where you sit on the scale of emotions, you have had the same kind of thought process before... What really is the meaning of life? Though I wish a mere poem could tell you the answer, I genuinely am convinced that at the end of our lives the one thing that will matter the most is how you loved others. Though I fall short every day on my one goal which is to make others feel loved, I'd hope that a conviction comes with the post. That people would be inspired to put loving people at the top of their daily agenda. It is the most important thing. The one thing that will remain.

Messy World

To all of my fellow overthinkers who have convinced themselves that they are too much of a mess to make a difference in the world... Well I wrote this piece in hopes that it would impact one person to believe that it's the worlds fault, not theirs. 

You are perfect the way you are, in an imperfect world. 

Let yourself have a little space to breathe. To just be who you are. Figure out your stuff. Be who you are.

You're fine. 

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