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A Note, from the Founder

Growing up, I've always had a passion for words that make people feel seen. My favourite thing is being able to identify a common feeling that is often not spoken about and bringing it to light.  

As a child, in church, I learned that words of affirmation build people. And since, it has been my own mission to use my weapon of words to heal others. 

Entering into my teen years, I navigated through a lot of childhood trauma, hurt, and loss. It was always my pen and paper that made me feel consistently at home. 

Through years and years of journaling, writing poetry, and understanding empathy, I let my passion collect dust in the back of my mind. 

Understanding the world more has taught me the utmost empathy. My heart hurts for the hurting. My mind can't wrap around those who deeply believe they are not loved.

I've always wanted to make a difference but never really knew how...

I guess this space is me picking up my sword and fighting the fight I know that was birthed within me for a reason.

This space is for you, your mum, your brother, your friend, your loved one, the person you were, the person you're becoming, the person you dream of. This is a space for everyone.

For you to come and just be. Be human. With no expectations.

Feel what you need to feel, dream what you need to dream, say what you need to say.


Brooklyn. X

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